188 days and counting… it will be a very long count… kind of like the bottles of beer on the wall, or the tis’ bottle story my dad used to tell.  I bet we could actually make a story with 188 tis’ bottles… man I think I would shoot myself… or induce.

Anyway, we have a while… but in retrospect its not that much… we are three months down and the most we have done to that baby room is vacuum a couple of times and turn the light on to make sure it’s still working.  So much to do!  I would really like some hard floors in there, I will do it myself, I don’t care… I am hoping that Michael will get his raise soon so we can start that project… Money is always tight, but I guess that is what happens when you begin to grow another.
Anyway, we go to the doctor on Friday, which I am soooo excited about.  I doubt we will have another sonogram (at least not a good one with the tech) but most importantly, I want Michael to hear the heartbeat.  I think he might actually freak!
Yesterday we went to our family practitioner… who is awesome by the way.  All over his office are photos that he has taken all over the world, he composes music on the side (although hasn’t actually published anything) and wears Keens.  Wouldn’t you trust a guy like that?  He is also been in family medicine for over 20 years, was chief resident and is a strong advocate in living life to the fullest and your best potential.  He started me on the path to cure my knee 🙂 Which we’ll get to some other time… it’s baby right now 🙂
So anyway, we went yesterday to start Michael on Chantix, this anti-smoking drug.  There was no hesitation and so we will be starting this as well, once we can pay for it.  Unfortunately it is an upfront cost and a long time, but we can do it.  The side effects are interesting, but I am pretty sure we can handle it.  And all in all this is very important to all of us.  So Good Luck!
I am still unsure of how I did it relatively easy… Positive test came in for pregnancy and I never put another cancer stick in my mouth, didn’t think about it on my drives, and barely supplemented my cravings with food… They say you may gain 8-10 lbs and in the 3+ months I have been rid of the habit I have gained maybe 5 pounds… and that includes preggo weight.  
Anyway, good for Mike.  I can’t wait!
So aside from that things are good.  We made a new dish… Jambalaya for my birthday, along with some fabulous birthday cake.  YUMMIE!  We are soooo making this again too!