We recently attended our 9-month checkup and I am finally convinced that my doctor is awesome. It took some time to warm up, as I was unsure of her practices. Farrah was truly sick and I guess in the past, this was our doc way of trying to help us.

This time, I finally saw what a great person she was. WE were on the floor and rather than bring Farrah up to the table to examine, our doctor got on her hands and knees and got to her level! It was so cute. Farrah immediately cuddled with her, which made me very very jealous… I never get cuddles 🙁
Nurses were coming in left and right to see how she was doing… I guess one of the popular ones in the practice! It was a good visit. And even Farrah did not cry, which is great because she is terrified of that place.
So here are the stats:
Head: 43 cm (somewhere in the 20% area)
Height: 28 Inches (66%)
Weight: 17.1 lbs. (19%)
She is still my little peanut… but super long… so maybe now a string bean?????
Aside from that, we got our finger pricked and decided it was time to try bandages as our new food… oops, that was a close one! Needless to say, we took that off quick and just let her finger bleed… and bleed it did!
Today we follow up with the ENT as we have some fluid in our ears once again. Thankfully though this will be for some anti-biotics and not an unnecessary surgery.
Also… today is the day that we start transitioning into our big girl room!!!!! We took two “crawls” forward yesterday… so we are hoping that today is the day for big things!
Go Farrah!