Well, I can’t honestly tell you how many times we have tried giving Farrah a bottle.  Too many to count on one hand… or two… or two feet and two hands.  We have been trying for over a month.  and I am at my wits end!

The other day mom tried… she was nursing, and then I fooled her when she fell asleep and tried switching modes of milk transport. She took it, sucked once, and then opened her eyes soooo wide and spit at me.  
We went back to nursing.
Then we started watching the fan during a burp and mom slipped it in… She sucked, swallowed, sucked swallowed and took down half an ounce!  Then turned to me, spit it out, and wouldn’t do it again.
At this very moment, Farrah is falling asleep after Grandma Maggies gave her a bottle… or at least tried.  Farrah proceeding to cry and scream and then all of a sudden fell miserably asleep… 
It is absolute torture!