It may take some getting used to, but I feel that I may actually grow accustomed to all of this pink stuff!  Why not try it simple, like on the blog, in an effort to ease my way into things.  

In HER room there will be pink, or purple (as I have slowly grown accustomed to that as well) but mostly green, as with the walls.
Still, someone kick me, because I am still not all giddy with excitement like the rest of you.  Should I be?  I assume that at this point I should be all bouncing-off-walls-can’t-wait-to-buy-something giddy… and most of me isn’t.  
Yes, it’s exciting, but at the same time I think my fear is overwhelming!  I am quite scared of delivery, I am scared of my job, I am scared of the financial status post baby birth, I am scared of raising her right… I am scared of so many things that sometimes it is hard for me to focus on the joy that will be my daughter… even that is scary.  I will be having a girl… a little princess girly girl!  Ha!  How would have thought!