Things have finally slowed down for a bit and I can catch up on some wonderful and exciting fun surrounding the Brown family. First Up… AMTA 2010 or otherwise known as “The American Music Therapy Association, National Conference 2010”. This is a MUST-GO for all of those interested in, or practicing, or going to school for… Yep… Music Therapy!
Every year we head out of town to some major city in the US and celebrate Music Therapy! I have been attending the conference since becoming certified (minus the year Farrah was born as it was WAY too far away to leave her). This year it was in Cleveland, OH, so of course, we packed up our car are took off heading East. On the other side, My parents packed up their car and headed West and My sister took off in a plane and we all landed perfectly (almost) in the middle in Cleveland!

It worked out too perfectly… as we were upgraded to some fantastic suite and got our connecting rooms, free breakfasts and admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was too much fun to only have lasted a weekend and I am sorry it wasn’t longer.
Conference was interesting and exciting, meeting new friends, seeing familiar faces and attending some wonderful and informative sessions. It got me realizing that I have to do some changing to the biz and will hopefully be relaunching in January of 2011!
One of the most interesting sessions was “Behavioral Responses to Infant-Directed Singing in infants of mothers with Depressive Symptoms”… I would love to get my hands on a copy of the complete study. I hope it gets published!
Tweet Up 2010

I attended my first TweetUp and my first Bob Bloom Drumming Experience… Farrah also attended her first drumming extravaganza, The R n R Hall of Fame and the Children’s Museum.

Everyone is Drumming!

Look in the upper left… that would be MY DAD experiencing and REALLY Enjoying HIS first drum experience!

So that is where I have been for the past few weeks in Mind and Body (well only a few days in Body). It just so happens that Conference lands right before Thanksgiving every year and causes the remainder of that year to go VERY quickly. Before I have time to implement all of my new ideas in my work, the year is over and I have to refresh and start anew!