In what was a truly a gesture we didn’t anticipate, the teachers at one of Michael’s schools threw us a really sweet baby shower!  There was cake, and lots of people, and all sorts of wonderful things for us!  

This was probably the first time I have teared… and it was well warranted!
These are people we have never met and until yesterday some of them didn’t even know my name… it was a gesture that I am still in awe about… really really really sweet.
The party was thrown at the end of the day, and so I went to school with Michael for the day, which was nice because this was the school I have yet to attend.  His kids are cute and so funny!
I spent pretty much the whole day in his desk chair, as most of his classes were on the floor or moving around and I am beyond that point.
At the end of the day, we went to the library where there was a large large cake and lots of presents and oh my goodness more than we deserve!  It was so sweet. 
 So thank you to all of the teachers at Kimes School in Streator!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
In other news: Mom’s feet are swollen… not much, but enough 🙂  I guess this means we are nearing the end!