Well here I am at about 15 1/2 weeks.  I am not too sure if I like the size of my belly, as I feel it is growing a bit quickly for me 🙂  Please slow down little guy!

I can tell you though that the second trimester is everything everyone says it is.  I still get cranky… which comes with the territory, but I have been able to go non-stop from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.  I think Michael is a bit jealous with my energy levels.  I have the house looking almost spotless, seen my clients on a regular basis (aside from the snow problems) and even shoveled, or pushed, the snow out of the driveway.  Yesterday I decorated the house for xmas, cooked dinner, and still saw all of my clients in our normal routine.  Compared to a couple of weeks ago where I was doing practically NOTHING but laying on the couch sleeping, this is a pretty big deal.
So kudos to me for building my energy, finishing my chores and being able to enjoy my weekend 🙂
Still no signs of movement yet, no popcorn in my belly (although it does feel a bit funky in there)… and to date, no baby names… any ideas from THIS century are somewhat appreciated… just don’t go overboard.