We have finally entered a whole new world! We started attending the programs at the Children’s Discovery Museum and they are so much fun! Granted, the creativity on the music end could be better presented, but that is just me being biased! But wow, is that place great!

There is a toddler area where Farrah can run and jump and move all around the place, a water table (which will require an extra change of clothes at each visit), and the third floor is dedicated to the arts with some wild stuff!
The actual program we attended this week was based on pumpkins and Halloween. We made sock puppets, sticker pumpkins, played with play dough and then ran silly during the free center play!
The coolest part for Mommy? Seeing some of her former birth classmates! We finally reconnected after several months! YEAH! So this is now a monthly thing and Farrah and I get free access to the museum for the whole day with the price of the program. So great!
Pumpkin dough? Not so yum, as Farrah quickly figured out! But man did it smell yummy!
Dance Dance Revolution for learning! Kind of…
A GIANT piano? Don’t mind if I do! (too bad I didn’t weight enough to make it sound)