We apologize for the delay in posting. We have all been very busy! Farrah is at the beginning stages of crawling and teething and so this is making for a very exciting time!

She’s been waking up at night again, just a little bit and whining… she’s probably in a lot of pain from that silly little tooth. Longest first tooth experience EVER!
She is enjoying daycare, enjoying eating (you wouldn’t know, since she is so so small!) and enjoying being out and about. We are going to be trying to continue going out more.
We went to the ENT earlier this month and he did mention tubes and so we will be doing a lot of thinking between now and Feb 24 to see if we really want to embark on that journey. Right now, Farrah has her first cold since before Christmas, and so far her ears seem okay. I think her tooth bothers her more.
Over Christmas we went up to Syracuse to visit with Mike’s family. Farrah was on display for a week and wouldn’t you know, she did AWESOME! She slept well at night, took horrible naps, and smiles the whole time! We were supposed to have a playdate with Julie and Annabelle but unfortunately the snow took that away. 🙁 Next time… next time. Overall, Farrah seemed to enjoy her first christmas. Have some pictures!
Over the last few months we have celebrated our first Hannukah too! Farrah LOVED lighting the candles. And we had our first experience in the snow!
OUr hair is really long and our cries are much louder 🙂 We eat everything we get our hands on, which I guess bodes well for her nutrition.