As I had mentioned previously, Michael and I have signed up for a number of different baby type classes.  For the entire month of April, we will be whisked away to baby land a bit early.  

Last week we started the Prepared Childbirth Class.  We both came out of there saying things like, “we kind of knew a lot of that stuff”.  It was really just the intro class and so many of the things said were what I have been reading about constantly in all of my books, websites, magazines and newsletters.  I study up on things as I like to know exactly what will be happening. We also had the opportunity to practice relaxing and breathing during the last hour of the class, which was very helpful, and yet very painful as the floor was really hard and many of the mommy-to-be’s in the class ended up getting some back spasms as a result.  and we even brought the pillows!  Thankfully, that first class was not the only one as it is a three time attendance, so two more to go!  This week we will be learning about the epidural and such and I think watching some videos, which I will probably not participate in.  I can read until my face turns blue, but I do not want to see it in a video.  As I was telling my family, “there is a reason your tummy gets big enough so you can’t see over it!”
Also this week is Mommy and Me, which some say is a pointless class, but I will take everything I can!  I believe this one teaches us about the first couple of days with the newborn.  That takes place tomorrow night… On Wednesday is our car seat safety class.  Also something that will be very worth while.  
In other news, we had received some of our crib bedding last week… It looks nice, but in reality is a piece of crap.  The sheets felt like sandpaper (and look as if they would split if washed) and it was just a messy deal overall.  What looked like pretty flowers in the pictures online turned out to look like large amoeba.  It was quite disappointing.  At first though, we really liked it, as the colors were nothing like the picture and went with the room perfectly… but then I started analyzing and thinking about skin irritation and breathable bumpers and it became a big ordeal.  We tried something that seemed like the right price, and unfortunately it was not what we expected.  So needless to say it was removed from the registry, returned to the store, and we have since invested in some higher quality bedding for our baby.  The positive: It is really awesome!  And you will just have to wait for pictures.  The negative: Backordered until June (which I guess is okay considering the baby won’t be sleeping in there anyway).
So all good things!