I am sitting here until Michael wakes up to start our day, so I thought I would share with you some more really cool things for baby!  Any baby, not just mine! (Although I won’t argue if random packages start popping up). HA!

1. Bibs and Match: These products are great!  They have an organic set and what appears to be a regular cotton set as well and you get your a onesie and two bibs… And they are mix and match alien heads and fun!  I love it!
2. Oompa Toys: I just enjoy this site because it has tons of wonderful toys furniture and all sorts of stuff to keep baby and child entertained.  The fact that their disclaimer also says this doesn’t hurt the matter: 
We offer our constantly expanding collection of European wooden toys, baby toys, educational toys… to urbane and discerning adults who want to expose the young children in their lives to NON-CHARACTER  branded, quality toys…
I also may have gotten this link from a friend of mine, so if it was H, THANKS!