Time moves fast and slow these days!  Between the poopy blowouts and the perfect sleeping nights, we move day to day with nothing more to think about than, 

“Where will we walk today?!”  Yet, we then look at the clock, and although we woke up at 7, it is now dinner time!  Time just disappears sometimes.

While I find this life relaxing and wonderful, I have never been more stressed out in my life!  
“Is my baby eating enough?”  
“Are we gaining enough weight?”  
“Why don’t you fit in your clothing anymore?!” (Which probably means that we are doing fine in the growing area)
The other questions running through my head include
“How will I get back to work in two months?”
“Will my baby take a freaking bottle by then?” (This is something that has been extremely agonizing and painful to watch)
Apparently, mommy can not give baby a bottle, as I am the producer of milk and it may confuse the poor little innocent Farrah.  So, this means daddy gets to endure what we now call torture hour.  Giving nourishment should not be something that is feared or loathed, but to Farrah, getting a bottle is the end of the world as we know it!  She screams, cries, chokes, spits… it’s pretty sad to watch sometimes, because she gets soooo upset.  Mommy can’t step in and help as this turns the situation into some catastrophic event!
So today we are awaiting a package from nana and pop pop which contains some boobie bottles… who knows! 
The plus side of all this trauma is that Farrah sleeps really well at night and we will not complain.  In fact, last night she slept through!  We went to bed at about 10:30 and woke up around 6:45… now that is some awesome sleeping!
So all in all, parenthood is great 🙂  We quite enjoy it!