So here it is, about 4:50am on a Sunday morning.  I have been up every 45 minutes to urinate and so I have given up sleeping.  What is the point of sugar-coating things at this point?  

Yes, yesterday was quite a day! I was up and around for pretty much most of it, dressed up even and looked damn adorable.  I walked and walked and walked… I started feeling what I thought was a contraction… this contraction thing was happening consistent and evenly and then all of a sudden it stopped.  After about 45 minutes of what felt like these 2-minute periods of tightening and then a nice relaxing break in between, they freaking stopped.  
I can’t say I am the most comfortable person in the world, but I can’t say I am that bad off either. I am, however, miserable in the sense that I am completely bored, ready and anxious about this arrival.  I have prepared myself for the intense several hours that will happen prior to her coming to this world and am now just waiting.  Waiting sucks.  It makes you start thinking about EVERYTHING and that can never be a good sign.
So now what?  at 4:56am… we wait some more? I have never been a person who likes to wait… I need to have things happen right now, and yes, I know, I have absolutely no real control over when the baby will arrive.  I try to be laid back about the whole process but I can’t!   I never wait for anything… I can’t!  I am impatient and I want it now! Grrrr…