Greetings from the Wonderful World of Pregnancy!

I have been experiencing some minor, although to me its major, discomfort the last few days as the circumference around my chest gets larger.  I wont go into actual numbers here, but lets just say that my rib cage and insides are expanding at such a fast rate that I am spending more on bras this pregnancy than food… I swear!  
While my appetite has still stayed relatively small, this area is extremely large.  It’s not so much the bust, as I am sure other women in my situation would be thrilled to have… it is the around part that bugs me.  
Two days ago I bought some new undergarments… I tried them on, they felt good… I bought them.  This morning I put one of them on and an hour later I was breathing heavy and noticing the beautiful purple lines of no circulation appearing on my skin.  Needless to say I am glad that Fridays are my day off, if you catch my drift.
I can be completely honest in saying that of all things uncomfortable, this is by far the worst!  I will take the heartburn (even when it causes me to vomit), the kicking and squirming, the headaches, and even the back pain… but when I can’t breathe because these things are cutting into my skin I am pissed!  Even the frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night are really not a problem!
This is officially the most uncomfortable I have ever felt!  Any suggestions from the ladies out there who have gone through this awful part of pregnancy… I will trade secrets… 
Like for example, Arizona Iced Tea is my cure all for heartburn… I kid you not!  Last night I had to have some chocolate after dinner… chocolate makes the worst burn out of everything I eat!  And sure enough, afterwards I drank some of my iced tea and tada, I was 100% better.  
So there… I shared my tip with you… now you can all help me!