Well here she is!  Today Michael and I received the information that we have been waiting for!  We learned that rotating baby, flash, or whoever is now a girl!  So Flashette is more appropriate… Flashette Gordina! HA!

Anyway, we sat today in awe as we watched her use her fist as a pillow, punch the sky, kick her legs and yawn.  We then saw the blood vessels darting around her tiny body, her awesome spine and it’s movement, and her full stomach and bladder.  She swallows and urinates.  How fascinating.  
In this picture you can see her perfect little face, and what I believe is her full stomach (the black dot on the left).  She has a nose, which looks very much like Michael.
This here is a picture of our little girl after her short nap.  Apparently, she has already started running away from us… But hopefully this is just a sign that she will be actively involved in sports or something, not running from the cops 🙂
Ah, a sign of things to come!  Ha!
So, I guess this means that we will be starting to design and decorate the room… floors and walls are pretty much chosen, we just have to actually get the floors and install them and buy the paint and use it!  My hope is that by the end of January the core will be done and then things can move from there.
Another thing I learned today, is that judging by the measurements of the baby and stuff I am actually further along than we realized… Now granted, overall this doesnt seem to change anything, as she will pop out when she wants, but it looks like I am about 21 Weeks and 3 days.  Weird!  Anyway, I guess I need to step it up a bit in the planning stages 🙂