I like to keep things novel and exciting during our Music Therapy and Tiny Melodies sessions, especially during those spring months that seem to drag on forever!

This is most likely when I will bring out new instruments and toys.  Same goals, new tools!

This week, some of my parents have been asking about a particular drum.  Yes, (you read it in the title) the Lollipop Drum!  It took me several  years to finally purchase this instrument, and when I did, I bought TWELVE!


1. They are lightweight and easy for most children to hold alone.

2. They have a great handle so that parents and children can hold them together, if necessary.

3. They have a decent sound.  For an instrument that screams child, I really like their tone and even in a drum circle will eagerly pass these out to folks joining in.

4. They are colorful and child-friendly.  (So much so that almost every kid tries to lick the “lollipop”)

5. The drums encourage and invite two handed play.  Drum in one hand, mallet in the other. (Also noted as an incompatible behavior; “I can’t pull my hair or suck my thumb when I’m playing the drum”)

6. The drums come in three sizes (though I have only purchased one).

7. The handle also helps an individual hold the drum so that they may not get hit with an incoming mallet 🙂

You get the picture.  I really like these drums!

What can you do with them?

We sing lots of songs dealing with slow/fast, loud/soft, and many times we do some syllable counting with my older children.

How do you utilize your lollipop drums? Favorite games? Interventions?