I know, I know… that headline probably got you excited (and if you were my parents, worried), but don’t worry, there is no baby in my house.  Just our lovely toddler 🙂  But outside of our house is a much different story.

We have been watching all of these guys grow up since spring.  Lately, they have gotten quite close to our house… so close that Farrah can get close to the fence and watch them peck at the grass and pick up the seed.

I find it really amazing how they just fall into a rhythm. As all THIRTEEN babies in this group were eating, Momma and Daddy would take turns on look out.  There was no verbal communication as to who of the Mom and Dad would eat or not eat, they just knew.  And earlier in the day we were watching them teach the little ones how to pick food out of the water, swim as a family and dry their wings.  Can you imagine all Thirteen of these babies plus this other family with seven of their own spreading their wings out to dry?  (Of course I had no camera at the time… hopefully they do it again!)

Have you been following any springtime babies?  Have you noticed any routines?