So here it is about a week after coming home… Farrah is officially 1 1/2 weeks old!  

Mostly she eats, sleeps, poops and pees all over mommy and daddy.  Although a set routine has not officially come into play, we have found that she has begun to realize the best times to take a pee!  She often waits, right after mom and dad take off the old diaper, wipe her clean and then BAM!  Pee everywhere!  Unlike boys where it could go directly upright or sideways or whatever, she just dribbles and lets it run up her back and in her hair and all over where it should not be.  Needless to say, we are getting slightly faster with getting the new diaper on!
Cloth diapering is going well.  Everything has been tested and we are happy with all of our choices!
The nursery is pretty much done (although still waiting on some curtains and whatnot).
I’ll take some pictures another time.
We have gone out a few times and feel that overall she is a good kid, but I still get super anxious when she starts to cry, she wails!
Ooops… feeding time.  We will continue later 🙂