I wanted to take this post to share some amazing things happening in the field of music therapy and share some worthy videos and articles that I feel have given our profession a nice media boost!

There are some amazing things that are happening in Music Therapy.  Program funding, insurance reimbursement, and clinical application to name a few.  Here is a round-up of some of my favorite music therapy stories over the past several months.

1. Phish and Music Therapy

It is truly no secret that I love Phish!  They were introduced to my ears back in middle school and I have been following them since.  In fact, DevelopingDad and myself got married at a Phish Show (11/28/03)!  During High School and Undergrad, I found my way to several shows throughout the Northeast region.  As I entered grad school, found my own personal form of adulthood and started a family, following Phish became a past time (although we still go to one or two shows a year), but the need to bring them into my therapeutic work was strong.  I tried several ways to incorporate their music into my Masters Project, but had no luck.  It was really awesome to see this tweet and knew that after 20+ years of loving Phish and almost 10 years of practicing Music Therapy, my worlds were now colliding!  Check out this awesome video!

The WaterWheel Report: San Francisco August 2013 from Phish on Vimeo.

2. TEDx: When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy

Over the years, I have met several music therapists, through conferences, social media, and social events.  Tim Ringgold is a pretty amazing person and has done amazing things with Music Therapy and growing his business.  He is motivating and inspiring and I will let the video speak for itself.  Thanks Tim!

3. CNN Health Feature on Music Therapy: “When Patients have Musical Emergencies”

Did you see this article about the Music Therapist who comforted the little girl on her way into and through the X-Ray that she was initially fearful for? The author of this article has done a great job of capturing the essence of Music Therapy in a variety of settings and it is wonderful of CNN to have featured it in the Health section.