Nana and PopPop got us a really cool Thumb Piano a while back… who would have thought that this dull looking brown piece of wood would hold ANY interest for Farrah. Mom and Dad think it is awesome looking and beautiful and the sound is just lovely… but to a toddler, just sitting on a shelf, practically blending in with the color of our walls… really?!

Sure enough, about twice a week, Farrah will drag this little thing over to one of us and throw it in our lap, requesting a short song. She herself had never really gone after the “piano” part… until now!
She studies it, touches it, and sure enough, with the slightest bit of pressure, makes some sounds! She continued and with A LOT of guidance, was able to play a few tunes 🙂
Since that day, she has not touched or thrown the instrument in our laps… but there has still been a lot of dancing 🙂