Well, Farrah has been looking at the world very differently lately and from what we can tell she is enjoying it!

She has been doing a lot of standing, mostly with help from mom and dad or some furniture but she is looking at the world from a much higher vantage point. In fact, today as I was leaving daycare, she decided to pull up on one of the low mirror walls there. She had no clue what to do next, so she let go! It was quite a sight! Here’s hoping that she will continue in this manner and continue to explore her environment.
Last night at dinner she did some wonderful signing of “more”. She would sign as we said the word and that was great! Not sure if she really gets the concept, but WHO CARES, SHE DID IT!
We are trying very hard to get some videos posted and such too. We will get there. I promise. I’ll try to get it in the next post.
She is also well aware of “shake” and every time you ask her she will begin to shake whatever it is she is holding. In fact, if the toy does not make noise when shaken, she will dig through her bucket and find one that does!
More cool things… we have our two lower teeth making their way up up up! One is completely through and growing like a weed (unlike the rest of my daughter) and the other has just broken the surface and will be making its way up shortly. She was fussy for a whole two days and now, it doesnt even bother her, which is great for mom and dad because we love the smiles!
I have still not gotten any pictures of her teeth, she shuts her mouth tight!
Well lets see what I can do and will try to get some things up here soon!