Here it is Day…. whatever and however many there is left!

At this particular point I am slightly oblivious to the goings on of daily counting down and whatnot, however I am extremely in tune to the rolling around that is going on in my tummy… so much so that you can SEE IT!  Honestly, I find it a little gross, but that’s just me being completely at odds with this whole pregnancy thing… can’t we just gestate like gerbils?  Quick Quick!!
Yes, I understand that what is happening inside is a miracle!  and I believe it too!  In fact, I was just think on the car ride home how my baby has grown more in 6 months than I have in the last 10 years.  Weird!  
But still, I find really great the first time something new happens, like the first kick was cool, the first time I saw the belly move around (freaky, but cool), the first time Farrah decided to take a swing at the cat sitting on top of her (that one made me laugh my butt off), but after the firsts… like middle of the night continual kicking… it’s annoying!  I would honestly rather a baby cry… I would rather be woken up by sounds than bodily discomfort. 
Anyway, I digress.  I really am excited, I just dont like this waiting part. 
So the other night Michael and I were reading some stories to the little girl (it is kind of weird to do) and we watched as she reacted to our voices (so we think)  We saw, and felt her roll around and we would very much like to believe it was to get a better listen to our voices.  In some ways, THAT was cool.  I also find it really cool that when I am playing guitar during sessions, she actually moves all the way to one side of my belly and sits directly behind the guitar against my abs (or what used to be the abs).  Those things I find cool and exciting.  
So today, while in the height of my excitement, before the kicking starts to really bother me, I signed up for all of the wonderful classes that were listed previously.  April is going to be a VERY BUSY month!  Let’s hope I can handle it by then, as it is nearing the end… ugh!
I also found us a group of pediatricians, which I am thankful for!  I already kind of knew who we were going for, but at least I can say their names now!  We will have our main guy, yes guy, and then of course the backups, if Farrah ever gets sick and such.  
So now that I have done my part (what am I forgetting?) I expect everyone else to get on board!  I.E. LETS GET OUR FURNITURE BACK IN STOCK SO I CAN ORDER IT!  
We bought the closet pieces last weekend, and Michael painted over some yuckie spots in the closet area… repainted the baseboards so we can attach them this coming weekend and thats about it… I have a couple of things to do with regards to all of the crap that LEFT the babies room.. but other than that we are about on track!
Here’s to keeping up the motivation!