We’ve got one more little bit of reminiscing to do about 2012.  It was quite a great year and we are so happy to have had you all following us and reading our posts.  So, without further adieu:

10: “C’mon” and join me, “It’s a Big World” out there! Renee & Jeremy are just awesome, when it comes to children’s music and this post tells you all about it!  Check out the rest of our “Music at Home” series over here.

9: Reduce, Reuse, Instrumental? DevelopingDad made an appearance on the blog in video form with a great little instrument he made with his kids at school.

8. Who doesn’t like a good parachute? Here is your one-stop shop of favorite Parachute songs and activities!

7. What do YOU do on a sleigh ride? DevelopingDad makes another appearance in this post about musical form and creative movement in your classroom.

6. Shaky Eggs One of our most popular songs for kids of all ages!

5. Top 10 Busy Bags for your preschooler I had so much fun creating all of these bags and our daughter has had a blast playing with them!

4. Anatomy of a Children’s Song Here are some suggestions for creating songs for young children.

3. A Perfectly colorful day Apparently, my daughter’s birthday is a very popular holiday 😉  We had a ton of hits on this post this year.

2. DIY: Ocean Drum Create your own ocean drum with the instructions in this post.

and the #1 most viewed post on Developing Melodies in 2012 is…..

1. May there always be sunshine Leave it to Jim Gill to be our #1 post last year!  Not only was he the most viewed post, but his “Music at Home” review post received the most comments in the history of our blog. Awesome!

Thanks for a great 2012 and we look forward to more posts, more comments and more fun in 2013!

Happy New Year!