Michael LOVES watching birds and seeing what kinds will inhabit our backyard as he changes foods and mixes this and that. He tells a wonderful story about a bird on the day HE was born and a similar bird on the day Farrah was born (I will have him update this with that story).

His Father also loved birds, so it is only appropriate to pass this love down to Farrah. Over the past few years we have begun to “collect” bird feeders… Nothing major, I believe we are only at three, but the number in our heads is far more!
Our most recent is a Hummingbird Feeder. Wouldn’t you know, Farrah was the first to spot a hummingbird. This picture is not of the first, but rather the THIRD bird to greet us in our backyard.

Go and Purchase a bird book, preferably one that plays bird sounds. We found a great one on North American Birds at Borders on the clearance shelf taboot! (Yes friends, I just referenced the other bookstore… sorry). Take a nice lazy Sunday and bird watch… choose just a couple of birds in the backyard and match the birds with the sound.
Go one step further and have your child draw the birds as they see them coming in for a landing!
We are looking into getting some window feeders for the winter time, especially since its very difficult to get out of our back door during that season.