One of Farrah’s favorite words is “Outside”… she repeats this over and over and over again whenever we make it INSIDE. She can’t get enough of the outdoors and on normal occasions, Michael and I would be thrilled! The downside, is she often wants to go outside on the hottest and humid days (when breathing is almost impossible) and when it is raining heavily…
We try very hard to make her aware that sometimes we can’t go outside and that’s okay. Ha! You try telling that to a baby/toddler! So when we do go outside, she often gets to hang in the shade and play on the porch.

Farrah signs bird, as a hummingbird goes flying by

She loves watching the birds fly around and Michael absolutely loves watching them with her! He got his bird fascination from his father, and it has very clearly been passed down to Farrah. Michael has several bird feeders hanging off of the porch, so we often see several different birds daily. Last night, he put out a hummingbird feeder and wouldn’t you know that within minutes in comes a hummingbird. That sucker flew in and out so fast, I wasn’t able to get a picture of him, but of Farrah acknowledging his existence.
Farrah is engaged in her first sword fight with Daddy! This is why we REALLY bought Granny a noodle! Farrah was hysterically laughing and falling all over the place. I guess we have to teach her how to joust! American Gladiators HERE WE COME!
But first, we should nap.