A few days ago, after changing Farrah’s diaper, she quickly rolled over and ran away. Then, she came back for her pants, grabbed them and again ran off. Apparently, she wanted to put them on herself. She is pretty aware of where her shoes and socks go (although she hasn’t successfully gotten them on yet, she is only 15 months!!!) and she can also stick her hands through her shirt sleeves (this, she does really well!), but pants are not yet something we are good with… so when asked where do your pants go? She proceeded to put them on…

She walked around for a good ten minutes with her pants on her arm… really really convinced that this was where they go! Too funny!

During dinner that same evening, Farrah was singing “potty” and saying “diaper” over and over again… we said, “Diaper after Dinner” and her face went purple and she went potty! We took this as a very strong sign that it was time to start the long process of potty learning. So at bath time, we put her on her potty. She can barely reach the floor with her feet but loved sitting there and pretending to potty. So much so, that she decided she would rather be there than in the bathtub. There was a pretty big struggle following this picture, but we were cleaned and okay with sitting on the potty.
This is now a semi-regular occurrence, but she still has trouble getting up onto the potty… sometimes, you are just too small to do things. And that’s okay!