Well, it has happened… that silly not to bad cold has turned into something worse. Farrah now has her first ear infection! And to really stick it to her good… ITS A DOUBLE! Boo on Fluid.

Daycare called me yesterday to let me know that Farrah was extremely inconsolable for almost an hour but then decided to take a bottle with no question and take a nap. When they took her temp it was elevated at 100.5. They let me know, but didnt think too much of it, as she may also be teething… especially with that crazy drool slobber pouring out of her mouth.
Anyhoo, I called the doctor who suggested to bring her in, and BAM! Not two seconds into the visit was she diagnosed. This would explain the crazy 1 1/2 hour nap yesterday and night wakings two nights ago.
All in all though, she is a trooper. She likes her antibiotics and tylenol and last night she slept so well I honestly dont think she was up AT ALL! Granted the little acrobat that she is decided, “NO mom, I dont want my head elevated… I would rather my legs”. Go figure! Mom flipped her around TWICE last night!
her fever seems to be down now… stupid rectal thermometer is being bad… must get better one. She isnt as hot… so that is nice. And she still greeted us with a wonderful smile this morning.
Here’s hoping for a good day 🙂