Well all seems to be well in the world of Brown!  I fell pretty good today, aside from the mild heartburn and being a bit tired.

I got all dolled up for my doctors appointment, which I find humorous considering my clothing comes off for the appointment anyway.  But whatever, it makes me feel good inside.  All was normal!
Weight gain: 0 lbs (that was nice to hear)
Heart Rate of baby: 145/146 
BP of Mommy: 122/78 (right in normal range… which being high is my big fear)
Effacement: 80% and thats okay!
Dilation: ALMOST 3cm  WOOHOO!!!
Now this does not mean that I will necessarily have a baby tonight… but it does make me happy to know that I am almost 1/3 of the way there and I haven’t really felt it!  Keep me positive and say that this will continue through most of it 🙂
I hear stories about people who go to like 5cm before they begin “active labor”, so it’s possible!
It is also a thrill to know that I am almost through early labor (0-4cm) and that is usually the longest part… according to books and whatever 🙂
It is also nice to know that my doctor will not induce me if I go full term (unless medically necessary) so I am a very happy camper at this point.
So all is good! 🙂  Hopefully my adorable diaper covers will show up today.  I would like them sooner than later.