Confession time:  Sometimes I wish I was in a job where riding my bike, running or taking public transit to work was a bit more accepted.

With the amount of instruments and supplies that I carry with me on any given day, its virtually impossible to do this.  However, most jobs around here allow for travel of that kind AND with our awesome transit system here in BloNo, we are able to get virtually anywhere in town at a relatively low cost.  In addition, kids and college students to ride free!

One of the classes that I have been working with has been working on a city bus project.  They explored every place that the city bus goes AND they were able to jump on the bus and travel to most of those places.  In honor of this great project, we wrote “Riding on a City Bus” song.

There are two great things about this song:
1) It allows for some great call and response (question/answer) moments from the kids! Immediate assessment possible!
2) It’s super adaptable! We can change the questions, the bus line identifiers and more!

Do you have a “city bus” in your city? Let us know how you have adapted this song to fit your city bus needs!