I am okay with a little screaming in the house (or outside of the house) every once in a while. Not the complaining-tantrum-kind, but more of the release-my-stress-and-get-it-off-my-chest-kind.  In fact, college students at Northwestern have this standing tradition of jumping outside and partaking in a round of primal screaming during finals week to let off some steam.  Who knew?!  There is a right way and a wrong way to scream, but are you really going to explain this to a toddler?!!!  Scream for less than a minute, it wont hurt you, and then stop (we haven’t screamed in almost two weeks) and all of sudden, you will feel a little bit of weight lifted off of your unbearably heavy shoulders.

On this particular day, it was raining and we were stuck inside for quite a while and eventually we just needed to let go of some steam and stress… so all three of us; my daughter, my husband and myself just started to run around the house screaming and yelling.

Eventually it led to a great game of Hide and Seek (and scream).

It was fun and it felt good!