Okay, so it was only for a few hours, but we were able to attend a friends wedding last night! It was so wonderful, beautiful and while Mike and I were super tired, it was so much fun!
Here are some photos from the evening!
Following the ceremony, rather than a traditional receiving line, the guest formed a line and each person tied a tiny piece of string around the wrists of the bride and groom. While tying these strings, those who were married were to give advice to the happy couple. Ours was “Hug Often”, they’re response, “No Problem”. It was so cute!
Under the tent… dinner, speeches and pretty lights! BTW, dinner was AWESOME! Must use that caterer next time! She was fabulous! The penne pasta with the lightest bit of alfredo was heavenly!
The wedding took place in the beautiful backyard of their Aunt and Uncle. I wouldn’t want all of those people in my house either… so here they are, His and Hers “Johnny on the Spot”, fully equipped with four rolls of toilet paper, a sink, and hand sanitizer! Such a different experience than festivals we have been to 🙂
Butterflies lined the twinkly lights underneath the tent… it was just so simple and perfect and pretty 🙂
This house and its surrounding land was just beautiful! We couldn’t believe that this type of place existed just near our home! It was so remote, yet so close to civilization… you would never have known! Of course, we offered to buy the place… HA! The response.. “The lot on this side and the house on that side are both for sale, welcome home neighbor”. If only…
Lots and lots of candles… more Thai traditions… so pretty. They also set candles out on the pond. Unfortunately, my pictures did not come out so well… so here is the backdrop of the tent area instead.
Sunset… pretty!
The hubs and I near the pond… do you see that there is a slight hill, a small pond and NO CORN IN SIGHT! So pretty and so cool!