Welcome to our “Music at Home” series!  On the 15th day of each month, from now until June 2013, we will introduce you to a favorite children’s artist, compilation or album that we think would be a great addition to your family musical collection.  The tunes are catchy, the rhythms snappy and the lullabies are dreamy.  For access to all of the posts in this series, click here!

Prior to our daughter being born, my husband and I would frequent these crazy and awesome weekend-long music festivals featuring new and upcoming bands, great friends, and some primitive camping. I’m very much looking forward to when my daughter is slightly older and we can once again attend these great events and bring her along!

I digress…

While at these festivals we heard several great bands, but one extremely harmonious band kept sticking in our minds… The New Amsterdams. They were great and after seeing them a few times and bonding with a good friend over their music, we found out that they had formed under a new name and wrote music specifically for children.

Enter The Terrible Two’s.

With two albums out; Jerzy the Giant and If you ever see an owl…, the tunes are fantastic. Many of the tunes are funny (“Great Big Poop”), most are easily singable (“When I get to Eleven”) and some are just plain adorable (“Ladybug”).

These CD’s are often in our car when we travel because Mom, Dad and Child can just easily fall in love. In fact, we often bring these AND The New Amsterdams and switch between them throughout the drive.

The band doesn’t currently have a website up and running, but you can purchase both of their CD’s from itunes by clicking the respective links above.

Happy Listening!