Good morning to all of those out there in computer world.  It’s about 5:45am and while I would like to say that the reason I am awake is because Farrah needed some extra mommy time in order to go back to bad, this is unfortunately not the case.
I am awake, by myself, as I had heard Farrah stir several times and each time I got out of bed to check on her she would be sleeping!  I, on the other hand, can no longer get up and down out of bed without the extreme pain of this fantastically clogged milk duct.  So, I have opted to sit in front of the computer until Farrah wakes up and I can relieve this pressure.
The plus, however, is that Farrrah is sleeping quite well and this appears to be a running trend in our family… except for mommy who has a tendency to wake up at every little sound that she makes.  Why?  Well, after settling her down to sleep with a story, a song, and feeding into a sleepy coma, she awoke last night with SCREAMS!  I am talking massive, crazy, blood curdling, horrible screams.  We immediately stripped her swaddle off and hugged her and rocked her and fed her a little bit.  Apparently, this is Farrah’s first nightmare… she wasn’t even really awake for much of this fiasco.  It was a little scary, but since then, I have not slept well, for fear that she will wake up again.
So here I sit, with nothing more to do than post blogs and pictures 🙂

Here is the little princess playing staring games with Daddy.  We have begun lifting our head and holding it pretty regularly when on mommy’s or daddy’s shoulders and chests… we haven’t quite gotten the hang of this on the floor however, where several face plants and some crying have occurred.  Last night though, when some friends were over, tummy time came with a smile, a long hold and a nice bout of tracking.  It was so cool!

This is the gorgeous face we wake up to every morning from the fantastic little girl.  Each morning when we hear her stir, we go over to the bassinet to see what I consider a slightly disturbed child… tossing and turning as she wakes herself up in a not so subtle way… sure enough, when she turns and sees mommy and daddy, she smiles.  How’s that for love!
If we can only get her to do that on the computer with others!
In other news, Michael got a new job!  We are thankful to report that Michael will be working closer to home (although not completely AT home) and we are hoping it turns into something super wonderful for him.  He is teaching music and doing what he loves, so we are happy for that!  
Farrah, however, has not yet taken a bottle and this awful news for mommy returning to work.  The good part is that I may get no other choice than to stay home with her all the time 🙂  The makes me super happy!
Oh, I must return to the bedroom has my daughter has now woken up the entire house with her fantastic gas… when she toots, all come running!  It’s funny to see the cats look at her bassinet with half fear and half interest in what is going on.