So today we are 11 months! (Pictures to come later, we hope)

We are planning our fantastic party, which is coming faster and faster!
We are doing a whole slew of things including, but not limited to:
Wetting the bed (must have more protection with my diapers)
Eating cheese (and most of the time, nothing else)
Crawling everywhere (which mommy absolutely LOVES, it’s about freaking time)
Chasing the cats (hanging on and never letting go)
Talking (mostly Dada, but we have some other sounds here and there)
Pointing (This, we could probably have a little less of… it can get distracting!)
Anyhoo, we are sleeping pretty well, although waking up a bit early for mommy and daddy’s liking (but still 11 hours of sleep is NOT something to complain about)
We have been getting a lot of “What would Farrah like for her birthday?” So… here is a “wish list” with types of things that she is currently or will soon be getting her hands into.
Here ya go:
If for any reason clothing is your thing, Farrah is currently (and through the summer) wearing 12-18 month items. Anything Fall/Winter related would be 18-24 (SOMETIMES we get our heads through something in the 12 month range) HA!
OTher things that Farrah would REALLY like… hehe is tuition for the fall Kindermusik class. She is really learning a ton and I think we would like to do it again. We are planning a short summer class which we are both excited about (and I think daddy gets to go to this one!)
All in all things are rolling. At the present moment, Farrah is laying in her bed talking to the ceiling fan… it is hilarious! I hope today brings about a less cranky baby (silly teeth) than yesterday. Poor thing must be getting a million teeth right now… her mood swings are unbearable!