It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you… the littlest member of our family:

Flash, a child not yet named for certain, nor in existence outside of my belly 🙂
We are currently expecting our first child and could not be more excited!  In addition to the excitement is of course sheer terror at the situation, as there is something growing inside me… 
But excitement and joy nonetheless.
So we are now in Week 13 of this wonderful miracle of life and have had a relatively smooth journey thus far.  I have been blessed with absolutely no morning sickness, very slight, but still present exhaustion, and very few aversions to foods.  I do however crave the strangest things… 
Fast food: Ugh, could it get any worse… I haven’t really eaten the stuff since I was a little child, and even then it was very very rare.
Nostalgic Candy: Yes, I have taken to eating smarties, starbursts and Nerds… although, since Halloween I have slowed down quite a bit.
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches:  Now anyone who has grown up in Manhasset knows how vital these fantastic morsels are for survival, and of course there is only one place to get it.  Being that we are now in Illinois, it is impossible to retrieve or even recreate those fantastic things… however, due to the no more raw egg things, I have been very good about making a slight variation to this treat and so far, no complaints.  But seriously, if anyone knows the secret to a fantastic Manhasset Deli Bacon, Egg and Cheese, please send it my way… I am really missing it.
Tomatoes: Sweet Cherry Tomatoes with Italian Dressing is my absolute favorite right now.  I seriously go through two pints of these in two days… YUMMIE!  Now I am told that anti-oxidants are good… so of course I am eating so much.  YUM YUM!
Aside from that things are going well… I guess this constitutes as the beginning of my second trimester.  I should be thankful that the worst is over (aside from the whole getting big thing and such).  
I have begun showing, yeah, I popped!  So much so that it was pointless to buy larger clothing, I just want straight for the maternity… strangely comfortable, strangely attractive and well not as bad as I thought.  Very excited about that.  
Alright, I bid you adieu and leave you with a couple of old pictures of Baby Flash:
The top photo is Flash at about 9 Weeks and the bottom is about 6 weeks 2 Days.
Not much there I know, but there is a very strong heartbeat and a really good moving sound 🙂