Yes, I love the holiday season.  Winter, lights, music and holiday cheer just make the spirit infectious and I am glad to jump on board the celebration train.  With Christmas just around the corner, here are some of my favorite tunes and albums for the holiday season that are should to put you in the mood:

James Taylor at Christmas: James Taylor is a singer/songwriter that I have grown up singing and appreciating.  Back in summer camp we would link arms and sing “You’ve got a Friend”, and now I have my daughter skipping around the living room to “Santa Claus is coming to Town”.  When she is sleeping, I picture a fireplace and tunes filling the living room. Get it. You’ll thank me.

The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs: Sit back, relax and enjoy this set of tunes.  I can close my eyes listening to these tunes and picture myself sitting in a small cozy coffee shop as the snow gently falls down outside.  I was hooked with the first tune sung by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson.  Yum.

A Very Special Christmas Vol. 3: Honestly, I bought this album because Keith Haring’s work was used as the cover art.  But in the end I am glad to did.  This particular mix has had me hooked since it first came out sometime in High School.  Twelve years later, I’m on my third copy and still smiling.  Another fun fact: on Christmas by Blues Traveler, they use a great Phish riff.  Just a side note for you.

A Very She & Him Christmas: It’s Zooey Deschanel.  Remember Elf? That was just the start of something fabulous and this is the most recent addition.  You will not be disappointed.  All traditional holiday tunes with a Zooey flare.

For Kids:

Children’s Christmas, Itunes Essentials: Itunes did a great job of putting together a nice eccelctic bunch of Christmas tunes for the young.  Including but not limited to “Two Front Teeth”, “Rudolph”, and of course “Linus and Lucy”.

Do you Hear the Reindeer: This song, written by my friend and fellow Music Therapist Rachel Rambach.  Has been a popular one for the kids at all of the centers I currently contract with.  She has some great suggestions for instruments in this post. She has several others, including “The Other Eight Reindeer” and “Snowy Day” that are sure to get your kids in the mood.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: It would not be Christmas without a little Vince Guaraldi.  It was on the Itunes essentials list as one track and here is the album in its entirety.  Definitely worth checking out.


There are several more albums, including some classics that are a personal fave, but I only have time for a few.

Tell me, what music brings out your holiday cheer?  What can I add to my list?