It has been a full week of animals! (You would have though I would do a unit on such a thing!) Not yet, but trust me, it’s in the works. While Nana and PopPop were here, we went to the zoo, and once again, Farrah LOVED it! We arrived just in time for the Otter and Sea Lion Feedings and Boy were they hungry! It was also nice to be there when all of the animals were awake!
Towards the end of the walk through, we watched some of the Red Wolves and their cubs and the zoo Superintendent was also taking a peek. We got to talking to him and he told us all about the wolves and their weaning process and how they are trying to mate the new ones with some from other zoos. All very interesting, but all above Farrah’s head (and in turn she got cranky and tired of hearing us speak). Needless to say, she had fun running around and looking at all of the different animals. Next time we will be sure to pet some more animals.

Yesterday, we received a very early phone call from our friends asking if we would like to head up to Chicago to Shedd Aquarium for the day. During the first phone convo, we said no… we are THAT lazy sometimes. But minutes later we called back, said yes, and quickly got our stuff together! It was an awesome day! The girls got along (or ignored each other completely…) and we just had such a nice day with our friends. It was nice going out of town (if only to Chicago). We saw the show “Fantasea” which is in the most awesome amphitheater! It over looks Lake Michigan and is just such a stunning view!

“Now Let me tell YOU something!” 🙂 So Cute, these two!