I made it with only a few hours to go!  Yes, we have been reading, but we have been working so hard that time just slipped away from us!  (More on our upcoming projects another day).
Just in case you missed the other posts in our “What are we Reading” Series, here they are:

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This month we have been bouncing back and forth between work reads, parenting reads and pleasure reads.  So I present to you, a snippet of “What are we reading?” (August 2011)

Last week, I had a guest post from Darla Hutson about the Importance of Play.  This was also the same day that Dr. Stuart Brown came to Normal to speak ABOUT play.  He is absolutely fascinating and so is his book.  In person, he is down to earth and easy to talk with, on stage he is a genius, and on paper he is well written.  I was happy to have the opportunity to hear him speak and now I am happy to be thumbing through his book.  This is a must read for EVERYONE: parents, teachers, caregivers, company CEO’s and therapists.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  (FYI: He is a firm believer in MUSIC as a foundation for play and currently has an intern digging up all of the research and information about that very topic.  Looking forward to seeing it in the near future)

Mariah Bruehl is amazing!  She runs a cute little shop, Playful Learning, out in Sag Harbor, NY (I am dying to go next time we fly into town),  she writes a great blog about play ideas for children, has an amazing list of resources for all walks of learning, and she hosts an e-course all about playful learning spaces.  Most recently, however, she wrote a book.  I guess it’s about time, considering she has been sharing all of her secrets for free for so very long.  So I have purchased and just started diving into this book.  It is perfect timing for us, as we have just finished creating a space for my daughter (what?!  you haven’t heard??? Keep your eyes open for the reveal in the coming weeks).  Needless to say, this book provides ideas for the space AND ideas for what we can do while using the space (and other spaces too).  Also, Mariah is currently out and about, promoting her new book, and making the rounds in the blogosphere and touring virtually!  Check HERE to see her upcoming and past posts on her blog tour.

You know her as Punky Brewster, or Sabrina’s roommate on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  You might even be aware of her retail adventures with The Little Seed, out in California (another shop I plan on visiting).  The latest in Soleil’s ride is that of an author, writing about motherhood, of which she has been a part of for several years, with two adorable children of her own.  This book is great!  It speaks right to the parent who believes that everything in childhood and parenthood is chaotic.  She is straight forward, to the point and witty (just like a little Punky).  She shares the stories from her past and how she has become a better parent, learner and grown-up because of it all.  So yes, I am a bit biased as I went as Punky Brewster for countless Halloween Holidays (I kid you not, we could have been twins!), but even still, she has grown up to be quite the wonderful individual.  Something else that makes her awesome???  That little shop I told you about above… The Little Seed?  Well, it is the natural parenting heaven all products are eco-friendly and very much made for the family who plays!  They even have their own line of clothing! And if you visit the new community moonfrye.com, you’ll be a part of something great!  Mothers and families who also live through the Happy Chaos!  Enjoy!

What books have you read lately?