Welcome to the second post in our series “What are we reading?”.  You can catch up on our June 2011 Edition Here.

At Home:

Yep! Another Jodi Picoult for Mom! House Rules is another doozy, dealing with issues regarding Autism, Murder and Family.  Again, Picoult is quite amazing at gathering information and presenting it effectively!  Well written and suspensful, I recommend this to everyone!  Warning: The therapist in me got angry with some of the charachters at a few parts of this book, so beware! Regardless, this is an excellent read.

Every child will have a meltdown.  It may happen once in a lifetime or once each day, but I promise that every child will have one.  We have been pretty fortunate so far, that our child saves her best meltdowns for at home with us!  Regardless, I would rather be prepared than clueless.  My husband is currently reading Happiest Toddler on The Block.  He reads bits and pieces each day to get an idea of what we could do.  After success reading Happiest Baby on the Block, we have become pretty attached to Dr. Karp, and are happy to read his ideas.  We are also reading up on other methods in making a happy and easy home, but I will save those for other editions 🙂

If it’s a truck, car, train, boat or airplane, odds are my daughter wants it!  So this month, after taking a lovely visit to our library’s Bookmobile, she has been asking for the truck book.  While not currently available by itself, it has been added to a lovely set of “Little Critter” books now published together as One Big Volume.  Dump Trucks make noises and have different jobs and this little critter will show you how.  Enjoy!

At Work:


It’s no surprise that I love to read and sing books with the kids I work with.  Every single one of them loves to watch and try and sing with me.  In celebration of summer, we have been looking at Sea, Sand, Me! which is a book I first learned about in my Orff Schulwerk Level One Training.  Our teacher lives on the Beach, near where I grew up actually, and so she dedicated an entire day to beaches, sand and fun!  I have since shared this tune and song to all of the kiddos I work with in my Music Therapy and Music Education sessions.

Next week, the Developing Melodies Family will head out on vacation and I hope to read one (and hopefully several) more books on the way!  We will post those in our August 2011 Edition!  Happy Reading!

What books have you been reading this summer????  Tell me about them!