Here I am at 8 weeks!  Mom got a new carrier for me and so far i think it’s pretty good!  We have enjoyed a couple of walks and lunch so it must be okay 🙂

I’ve been practicing lifting my head, and as amazing as mommy and daddy think I am, the doctor was also impressed with my strength!  She told mom and dad not to leave me unattended at all, as i might just accidently roll over!

This is what happens after my two-month appointment.  Today was doctor day and i had some shots and some liquid shot down my throat!

I begged mommy not to leave me again!  She was scared, but i thought i did pretty well!  I held my breathe, let out a yelp, and then opened my eyes and realized that it was over.  See below for the damage.

Ouch!  I got a little uncomfortable in the afternoon so mom and dad gave me some tylenol.. it was almost as horrible as the bottle they keep trying shove down my throat, but this tasted like cherries.
22 1/4 inches in height/length (55%)
10 pounds 14 ounces (50%)
36 cm (12%)
My head is a little small right now, but I know it’s filled to the brim with stuff and smarts, so no one worries about me.
At the end of the day, I decided to play with my awesome new toys from Nana and PopPop.  I was talking to some giraffe guy… he didn’t answer me though. 🙁