Stats update:

Mom Weight Gain: 3 lbs. 
Mom BP: 124/72
Mom Belly: 33 cm, which is the same as last time, but doctor said it might be because the baby is now sideways and no longer head down.  I am told not to worry, she will move back.
Baby Heartrate: 148-152 We got her a bit excited by pushing her around.
All is good!  Talked to the doctor about the laboring in the tub, and she was fine with it.  She is totally fine with it, as she knows my fear of needles and such.  She told us the reason she wont he me birth in the tub is because she isn’t a big fan of floating poop.  I completely agree, and that was my reason as well, among other things.
This week, as said, was chock full of classes and thankfully, we made it through!  We will be heading up to the unit on Sunday for a nice little tour, which I am hoping will ease my concerns and fears a little bit more.  
Thursday’s class was alright, (childbirth class no. 2).  Talking about all of the different procedures that may or may not take place including, but not limited to: internal fetal monitoring, breaking one’s water, epidural, IV’s etc. made me feel quite sick.  Just one more reason in my life to keep me super healthy, as all of this medical stuff is just really uncomfortable.  Sometimes, I wonder how it was that I worked in a hospital for over a year (granted I passed out on my first day).
We watched some videos, and they weren’t that bad.  The first was Mad About You, when Jamie has the baby.  The second was some birth video, but I had my eyes closed most of the time.
Anyhoo, that’s our update.