Wow!  36 weeks… I was just telling my doctor to think back a little while ago to the time when I was excited about this whole thing!  Ha!  She and I both had a nice chuckle!

Basically, this visit consisted of a couple of random questions, a Strep B test (which is no big deal), and measurements… It was also the visit where she could say, if it comes out now I am not stopping it!  So this is the real deal and I am mighty frightened!  Some days are better than others.  I waddle so much more… must be because the baby has finally burrowed her, what we hope is little, head into my pelvis!  She is making her way out in small steps.  Granted, the further down she gets, the quicker the labor and delivery, so keep on truckin little girl!
Weight: 170.8 lbs (Can you believe that? WOW!)
Tummy: 35 cm (at this point we will start to measure a little behind as she makes her way down)
Mommy Blood Pressure: 117/60  Be jealous!
Farrah Heart Rate: 142 bpm
Overall we were nice and calm yesterday, so things went nice and smooth.  Doctor just told me to remain active and so I am doing my best.  Yesterday was a long long day of schmoozing with many different people and many friends.  All in all a wonderful day, but man am I tired!
I am sluggish, and lots of times my spirits get down with this, but overall I shouldn’t complain.  I am doing pretty good!  
So here we go!  Home stretch!
I’ll post more when my bag comes 🙂