Well we are here at a little over 37 weeks according to the sonogram and doctor… I went in yesterday to learn that thankfully we are no longer having a baby in the 95 percentile, but have dropped to the 80 percentile.  Yeah… I am just as confused… 

Basically, if I make it to 40 weeks my baby will come out around upper 7 lbs low 8 lbs… and we all know how accurate these things are! 🙂 
Everything else is measuring great and baby looks well and is super healthy.  No pictures this sono as my baby is officially too big to be photographed nicely in in the womb.  So that means your next baby shot will be a real live baby outside of my body!  WOAH!  She was doing some things in there and it was funny… not much arm movement, but she stuck her tongue out at us.  I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come.
Had my check up with the doctor afterwards and have learned that we are 1 cm dilated (which means I am no different than a non pregnant lady), however I am 80% effaced so we are soft and thin and soo soo close.  When I asked the doctor what she though she said:
“You could go tonight, you could go in three weeks! We will just have to wait and see”
Part of me is thankful that she is really honest in that, you really never know, but the planning part of me needs to know NOW!  
Following the appointment I went and got my hair chopped off… much shorter than usual, but I needed something that wont get caught in the babies mouth and stuff when I hug and kiss her!  Haha!  It’s strange to say it but… 
the next time I get my haircut, there will be a baby beside me!  WOAH!
I wish I was nesting… it’s a forced effort to get out of bed in the morning, but I realize today that I really need to get things done!  Things need to be washed, cleaned and moved into their respective locations!  Last night we decided that maybe it was time to do a baby load… so we washed some clothing.  What a small load!  But it’s done and now I can do some more.
It really takes quite the effort for me to clean and even shower, so hopefully I can get some stuff done today before I lose my energy.
Well… off to do those things!