Happy New Year! As we drink our morning coffee and recover from last night’s festivities, I am watching my kids run around the house and already they are singing a tune and tapping their feet.  They really don’t miss a beat..pun intended!

Since they were so quick to bring music into the New Year, we thought we would share some ways that YOU can be musical in the New Year.

Sing. Be it in the shower, in your kitchen, or at bedtime while rocking your child to sleep. Studies have found that singing instantly releases endorphins and oxytocin, which brings happiness and a significant reduction in stress! In addition, there are several more benefits to singing. Why not start and end each day with a song, a smile and peace of mind.

Learn and Instrument. Throughout 2015 Articles have been flying around the internet about how learning an instrument can have benefits for a lifetime!  It’s no joke, it is very true. What it does to the brain is particularly amazing. Not to mention coordination, concentration are just a couple of the outcomes of learning an instrument.

Listen to Music. Walking over to the stereo and turning on music has proven to have positive effects.  Matching music with your mood or listening to music that you particularly enjoy can have even more positives for you!  Easing pain, reducing stress and improving cognitive function are just a few perks.  Go Press Play… or better yet…

Go to a Concert. Go see some live music.  Get out, bring your family and enjoy a fantastic musical event.  Sharing, Experiencing and even participating in these events brings about a whole bunch of positive effects!

What are you waiting for?  Go NOW and experience music!

We have more fun coming to you in 2016 (on and offline!) so be sure to stay in the loop RIGHT HERE!