Well here it is, about 5:30pm on Monday and apparently I have started early labor (at 6am this morning).

I had been feeling funny last night, but thought it was just the big dinner… sure enough, when I awoke this morning I was super tight… there literally was a basketball in my stomach!  I called the doctor and they said it sounded like labor and to come in this afternoon and we would check everything out.
Meanwhile, Michael must have been in my brain, as he left school before I could even call him… he drove home to surprise me for the day and help me around (he sensed my funny feeling).  Needless to say, I originally thought it was a false alarm, as the contractions stopped following my shower… but, then they came back… then we ate lunch with Rachel, and they stopped again… but then I went to the doctor and sure enough, just as I was giving up hope of anything, they started again!
I am not in any pain and even my discomfort isn’t that bad, but even still this is just early labor… I have a long way to go.  The contractions are not regular, but they are very clear on the monitor.  My doctor took a look and seemed positive that it could be soon… my dilation, however, has barely moved… 
So needless to say, the past 11 hours has been semi-exciting… right now feels a bit anti-climatic, but all can change in a matter of minutes.  I am still contracting, but I am going to try and take a nap first, while I still can.
Keep you posted!