You may have noticed that things around here have slowed down a bit (ie. my posts are less frequent than originally intended).  Truth?  I am planning some changes to the Developing Melodies website and a lot of my energy has been focused on that.  However, I have also been writing outside of the Developing Melodies family (so I’m not completely off the radar, see?).  Here are two of the places I’ve stepped into:

The Music Therapy Tween: To DT or Not to DT…

Michelle Erfurt, of the Music Therapy Tween, is a Board Certified Music Therapist.  Recently, Michelle, put out an announcement that she would be taking a blogging hiatus in order to revamp her site.  We both attended the OnlineZEN CMTE with Kat Fulton, of Rhythm for Good, and this lead both of us on the path to revamping.  During her hiatus, however, she requested the help of her fellow music therapy bloggers and invited us on for a guest post.  Enjoy!

The No Nonsense Professional: Three Things I learned as a New Professional

Natalie Mullis, a Board Certified Music Therapist, owner of Key Changes Music Therapy and recent internet friend of mine (who I FINALLY get to meet in person at AMTA conference next month) has started a new blog/website for new young professionals.  The No-Nonsense Professional is exactly that, a website to help you with all of the stuff you didn’t learn in college about going into the business world.  I was happy to be one of the first guest bloggers over at the No-Nonsense Pro!

In addition to being Music Therapists and Bloggers, the three of us have a secret (or not so secret) sewing addiction.  YAY!

Please do yourself a favor and check out all that these two ladies have to offer.  See you ladies in Atlanta!