So a few days ago I was not into making messes, as we had just cleaned the house. Today… all bets were off and so Mess time it was!

I set up this lovely area at Farrah’s table. I wanted to make sure that this would not get on the carpet! Food coloring could stain!

I started with two bowls of sugar free vanilla pudding (1 container split in two), two different colors of food coloring and some stuff to play on!
Farrah rubbed her hands in the pudding and made a nice mess while mixing the colors. I was sure to label colors and actions throughout. But in the end….
It was much more fun to just eat it!
I had planned on Farrah playing with the pudding a little bit more before shoving it in her mouth ad asking for more. I did, after all, make sure that we completed this activity shortly after a meal! I also planned on the activity lasting slightly longer (we made it five minutes) but she ate all of the pudding!!!