Earth Day 2010! Soo Green 🙂


This is me enjoying one of my new favorites… the wind and the window. And aren’t my legs adorable?????

Here I am enjoying an enormous bowl of mac and cheese!

And this is me during one of my Yo Gabba Gabba obsessive moments! I love that stuff!

Farrah has been feeling AWESOME lately… aside from a couple of possible teeth… or four… All in all she is been in great moods and ready to explore the world! She has been experimenting with standing by herself (awesome!) and falling down (no so awesome on a wood floor). She has been eating thing out of bowls, as per her request! In fact, she wouldnt eat dinner until it was put into a bowl for her!

She will walk (kind of) holding my one hand. We will be practicing this as we prepare for the birthday. And she is officially climbing up stairs! Which is a blessing and a curse.
Because of all of this movement and teeth, it seems as though mommy and daddy are the only people she wants to be around. She gets pretty upset when I leave her at daycare. Yet, when we are home, she wants daddy when mommy holds her and mommy when daddy holds her… and then she doesnt want to be held at all! Silly girl.
We were able to go out on Saturday and it was a blast! We went to dinner and Phish 3D with Sara and John… Gracyn and Farrah had a sleepover for half of the night. Gracyn passed out while Farrah was not into sleeping. Ha! Must have been opposite day for the girls 🙂