They came in like a tornado and due to my being completely tired have yet to clean up after them all… and it’s been a week!

My family: Mom, Dad, Stephie and Matt, came out for a visit and to throw us the most awesomest baby shower!  Granted, the weather could have been nicer and the food could have been a little less expensive, but my goodness it was fantastic!
Michael and I rarely do things apart, which in five years has gone pretty well for us, although I am sure we will need some time to ourselves at some point in the future 🙂  Anyway, most of our friends are OUR friends and so it was only fair to invite both boys and girls to our last big hoorah!  It worked out fantastic!
One of our friends brought his children and they provided much of the entertainment in the basement via cards and monopoly.  My former officemate and GA buddy came down from Chicago which was so freaking awesome!  And of course all of those from the area came by to wish us luck.  There was a TON of food including but not limited to: Salami, Steak Filet, Grilled Veggies, Chicken Salad, Mushrooms and Ice Cream Cake (which was the coolest thing to ever look at!).
Aside from the usual party fare of Guitar Hero/Wii, Darts and Sports Games (Pitt AND UConn were playing that day), my sister added some fun as well by way of Onesie Decoration!  We got some pretty cool ones and as always some pretty questionable ones, but either way, clothing is clothing and we are happy to put our daughter in any of them 🙂
We received a lot of wonderful baby things for our soon to be daughter and we are so thankful to have some many wonderful people in our lives!
Here are some pictures from our fantastic event:

This is the fam: Nana, PopPop, Got Uncle, Got Aunt, Beer, and Baby!  We found it fitting to get everyone some sort of T-shirt or Hat considering, I for one, don’t wear dresses too often, and oh Yeah… these were really funny!

The cake, shown here 🙂

Stephie and Matt

Beer and Baby 🙂