Well, it is official… there was a pretty orange piece of paper hanging from the cupboards at daycare yesterday when I went to pick up Farrah. This can only mean on thing…

WE ARE MOVING ON UP! We got official notice that Farrah will be joining her friends in the older infant room in the next two weeks. I am so excited… and also so terrified.
We haven’t started to crawl yet, although we are ALL over the room rolling and scooching… I guess it’s only a matter of time.
Marisa, the classroom teacher, says that it shouldnt be a problem, especially considering Farrah is on target or ahead in several other areas of development. It is getting to the point where the only thing Farrah needed Vicki (her current caregiver) for was to change a diaper and carry her when she was sad. Farrah happily holds her own bottle and eats her own food (finger food that is). So it’s just a matter of time before we start doing the rest! If she could change her own diaper, that would be AWESOME!
So, by March 1, we will be in the big kid room for good. Wow…. how cool is that?!
Some of our favorite things to do this week are:
Up/Down (we learned this at Kindermusik and it stuck)
SO Big
Signing “eat”, “more”, “milk”